Thursday, 4 March 2010

Working girl.

Photo 37

Okay, so it's been awhile. I've been busy! I know, it's no excuse. It's been almost a month! Bad, bad.

But as I said, I have been busy. I have knit a whole slew of things, which if I am not too lazy - I mean busy - I will post very soon. But there is news to get out of the way first.

1) I have been writing. (No, not on this blog, but elsewhere and I am excited about it! More on this sometime soon, I hope.)

2) I have been taking an Italian class. This does not mean in any way that I can speak Italian. But I try.

2) I will be moving. Staying in London, but heading East. Woohoo. Everybody who lives East tells me they love it. I am excited.

3) I got a job! In a yarn shop! Lots of woohoos! It's all very exciting. I am doing my best not to spend the money I make on the yarn I sell. It's hard.

So that's the news out of the way. Let's get to the knitting. I guess I'll go backwards, since I just finished a project today that I am too excited about not to share. It's one I have improvised, to fit my friend Naomi's specifications. I kind of hope she doesn't like it, so I can keep it for myself.

Photo 53

It's in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK; a lovely pinky colour. I used mostly garter stitch, added a ruffle,some mesh crochet and a little fringe. I wasn't really sure it was going to turn out ok at first, but I have to say, I really like how it turned out and I am already plotting about making one for myself. I put it on ravelry, with more photos, here.

More soon, I promise.


kate kennedy said...

Yes yes, its been too long. I've been stuck in a chair for two weeks with no Allergic to Wool updates. Nice to have you back. Thanks for the entertainment. oh, and I love the scarf. put up more pics!

Eburgmama2 said...

Saw your Naomi scarf on Ravelry...any chance you're going to share the pattern? Or even sell it??? It's yummy!

meghanaf said...

kate - glad you're conscious and liking the scarf. when do I get updates on your blanket on The Pickle???

eburgmama2 - I am thinking of writing up the pattern. I like it so much that I will have to make one for myself anyway and that way I can make more detailed notes. Watch this space!

Noas' libellule said...

So many news!! And I love the scarf, I am not a fan of pink but that looks great. Would love to have the pattern!
Well done for getting a job in the area of work you like, it is something I have been considering for a while - not sure I ever will. Although we are moving from south east (Greenwich) London to the North (St Albans) so you never know... Change of place, change of town, change of jobs??? Good luck with the move.

Jo said...

Congratulations on the new job! I do like the scarf - a great mix of stitches!

meghanaf said...

jo - Thank you!

noas' libellule - I am not normally a pink person either, but my friend has lovely red hair and she specifically requested a light pink, which I think will look lovely on her. Good luck with your move from South to North - I have heard St Albans is lovely!

rosemary said...

What a lovely scarf! You do such interesting work with textures. I really appreciate that you combine knit and crochet to get the look you're after - it's a refreshing approach!

Congrats with all the life changes - best of luck with your writing, Italian, the move, and your new (awesome) job! Ciao :)

Minifelts said...

Hey Meghan, I've just seen your comment on my blog. What a nice surprise I had no idea you were blogging and crafting too!

I only started sewing quite recently, have way too much time on my hands at the moment... Your knitting looks lovely, nice to see your not unravelling it and making it into washing lines any more, like I remember you doing in halls!

Anyway good luck with the new job and move, sounds exciting, keep in touch.

Eve x

meghanaf said...

Eve - hahaha I forgot about the washing lines! That was back when we had to improvise stuff and were all eating plain pasta with only grated cheddar cheese on top... mmm.

TLCknits said...

This is lovely.. TRULY lovely.. Love the mix of texture...please write it up...

meghanaf said...

TLCknits - thank you so much! I am writing it up and hope to have it ready in/before September