Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Oyster Card Cover

It was the yarn that inspired me. I figured, most Londoners don't particularly enjoy their commutes, so why not brighten it up a little. So I whipped up a little cover for my oyster card, which is now looking a million times more brilliant, not to mention a lot easier to find in the Mary Poppin's Narnia that is my handbag. For those of you interested, here's what I did:

Used: less than 1 skein Katia Galaxia yarn (purchased from All the Fun of the Fair near Oxford St)

1 5mm knitting needle
1 yarn needle

I cast on 40 stitches.
I knit 25 rows.
I cast off.

I then threaded the yarn needle with a length of the yarn approximately 3x the length of my oyster card when opened. I then weaved the yarn through the stitches on the borders of all 4 sides of the piece. I then laid the oyster card, opened out on top of the knitted piece. With another shorter length of yarn, I threaded it through the piece, at the spine, drawing the two longer sides together, and tied with a bow. I then took the two ends of the longer threaded yarn length and pulled them tightly, gathering the border stitches to form a nice cozy for the oyster card, tying again with a bow.

Pretty easy huh? I think it's a good way to personalise something that every Londoner's got, and you can embellish or modify to suit yourself pretty easily.