Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mmmm... toast...

Photo 33

FO: Toast by Leslie Friend (rav link)

Another one of those projects I've whipped up in the last month. I decided to frog the Cashmere Drop Stitch Scarf I started on waaaay back when, as I really wanted something that would show off this yarn to its best advantage. I don't usually go for variegated yarns (in fact, I usually hate them), but the colours in this Handmaiden 4-ply Cashmere just called out to me and man it's soft. I am almost a little bit sad it's getting warmer out and I won't be able to wear them much longer. Almost.



rosemary said...

Cute! I agree - that is one of the nicer variegated yarns I've seen. And I love your coat :)

meghanaf said...

Thanks! I hate wearing coats generally (I guess I just prefer it to be warm outside already!) but the search for a coat I didn't hate yielded this one, so it wasn't so bad :)