Thursday, 1 October 2009

"If clothing 'makes the man' what happens to masculinity when women make his clothes?"*

So I am knitting for a couple of men in my life. Although I have to admit that I don't feel as compelled to finish their projects as I do for ones for me. Greedy, I know. It seems I started these ages ago...

For the Australian:

Which will hopefully magically transform into this:
(photo from Men's Knits by Erika Knight / Let's Knit magazine)

And for my oldest brother:


This is the Exchequered Scarf by Alice Bell (rav link).

I am going to visit said brother in Germany on Tuesday for 2 whole weeks with my mom. Very sad about leaving the Australian behind for so long, but I will be bringing along the sweater and the scarf and so will hopefully make some headway on the man-knitting on trains between Munich, Strasbourg, Wurzburg, Innsbruck and Garmisch. Maybe when I get back I will have a finally finished sweater for him.

I have never been particularly enamoured with vacation souvenirs in general (unless it's food or wine, of course) so recently my travel souvenirs have come in skein form. I have already had my brother scope out the LYS situation in Garmisch and there's at least one, but I am keen to know about any other in Bavaria and what to look out for. I have heard good things about the Wollmeise brand on the Ravelry boards and I have to say, it looks lovely.

So, will the guys in my life mind having lady-made clothes to add to their wardrobe at the end of this trip? I think they know me well enough not to answer that in the affirmative... at least not to my face.

*Quoted from The Culture of Knitting by Joanne Turney

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Renee said...

They're lucky men to have you making clothes for them. :)

Have a great trip to Germany!

meghanaf said...

Thanks! I report back on all the knitting-related adventures that I will (hopefully!) have :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful, have a great trip! I'm sure the guys appreciate all of your knitted gifts :)

Yarn as a travel souvenir is a fabulous idea. We've taken to collecting ornaments for our christmas tree (mostly because we have so few), but clearly I need to start a yarn-buying tradition :)

I can't wait to see what you bring back!

Lolly said...

This is a great sweater - love the design.