Monday, 21 September 2009

Bread & Bubble

So this might not be any great revelation to anyone out there, but I have had an epiphany. I have made my own bread.

It was so unbelievably easy. It was cheap. It was quick. And it didn't involve a breadmaker (right now, I can't even understand what a breadmaker would do to make the process any easier, but there you go). I used this recipe from BBC Good Food. It smelled so so good when it was in the oven. Like unbelievably good. And then it came out, and it was a real, whole loaf of perfectly browned, perfectly shaped bread.


I had thrown a bit of rosemary over the top before I put it in the oven just to see what would happen. It sure did make the baking process smell good, but did nothing for the flavour. So now I am all riled up to see how I can improvise and try new things, but to be honest, it came out so lovely I am a bit nervous about messing with perfection. But we'll see. It's the day after and this loaf is almost gone...

And speaking of things that I love like only a mother could (not like a real mother, but you know, my food and my knitting are my babies...) I have finished another project! It's the Soft Kid Bubble from Boutique Knits (rav link). I was so worried about this poor baby while it was in the making, but it's turned out so lovely. I eventually learned to trust the designer and once I just gave up overthinking things and followed the instructions, it all came together. Here's a little peek:

Photo 37

More photos over on my Ravelry project page: meghanaf's Bubble Tunic.


Eating (with my bread, of course): Aubergine & Goat's Cheese Pasta
Listening to: Okkervil River


Anonymous said...

Yum, that bread looks delicious! I tried to make rising pizza dough once and it was an utter failure; since then, I've been afraid of making bread...

Your bubble tunic is gorgeous! I love the pockets, the lace detail on the front, and I really like the necklace you're wearing with it :)

meghanaf said...

Pizza dough I still have yet to master....