Friday, 23 October 2009

Cold arm(s).

I managed to wrangle myself away from the sewing machine today to get some knitting done. I finally finished (not that it really took me that long) the Noro Striped Scarf I've been making for a friend since I returned from Germany. It's for her boyfriend's 80-year-old father, and I really hope he likes it. I always like working with Noro because of the wonderful colour changes. No matter how simple the pattern (and usually with Noro, I think simple is best) the ways the colours morph is enough to keep you interested, and you can get the credit for an amazing-looking FO without much effort. Here it is:



I debated whether to go for the fringe or not - I asked my friend and she left it up to me! I ended up with a bit of leftover because, somewhat perposterously, the end of one of my Noro skeins ended up being a tied-on completely different shade to what had come before it! So I finished before this knot and used the rest for the fringe. And I really like the result! Only problem is though, the two colourways I used were too similar in parts, so the stripes fade out a bit, which is a bit of a bummer. Still happy with it though and hopefully the recipient will be too!

So that was this morning. Meanwhile, I have been stuck at home waiting for a delivery. They said it might come any time today. So I haven't even dared go out and get milk so I don't miss it (like I did on Wednesday - oops). It is now 5.30 pm and still no delivery. Grrrr... so I have kept myself occupied trying to finish off my Dragon Scale Gauntlets. Here's me with one cold arm in my new dress.

Photo 12

Must. Finish. Soon. Before. Right. Arm. Freezes. Off.

Listening to: The Lower 48 (as recommended by the Stash & Burn podcast)
Eating: Chips. (The English kind.) Lots of them.


Renee said...

I love these striped scarves. The recipient will too.

It's freezing here too. You definitely need both arms covered up.

rosemary said...

That's a very nice scarf. I like how the multicolor periodically blends with background color; I wouldn't consider it a bad thing :)