Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Lots has happened since my last post. Lots meaning cardigans.

Here's the finished Herringbone (rav link):
Photo 1
I haven't worn it anywhere but around the house so far. It's almost too cold already for it to be of any use now, and I feel like in the summer it was a bit too warm. It shall be my "house jacket." When did I become a housewife?!

Far more exciting are my Garter Yoke Cardigan and my Duotone Cardigan, both from Vogue Knitting Fall/Winter 2008's piece on top-down raglans.

Photo 19

Photo 18

Cute no? Both really easy, both really cute. Definitely outside-world-wearable.

For the Garter Yoke Cardigan I just used a load of random buttons from my grandmother's old stash. They don't match and are all different sizes, but the gold in them brings them together and I am really liking the effect.


In other news (sort of), Murray and I just got back from the End of the Road Festival this weekend. I camped out. Seriously. But I did bring my knitting. The weather was glorious, so I actually didn't really need to actually wear any of my knitting - who knew the sun could come out in England in September? See below:


Anyway, glorious it was and I got started on what I will call my "Festival Socks" (Drops 103-11 Long Socks) because I had every intention of wearing them all weekend with wellies to keep out the mud, even though I never had to. See proof of said glorious weather in this sunset shot:



Eating: Garganelli with Pumpkin, Sage & Goat's Cheese (so autumn-y and lovely)
Listening to: old Tori (because I saw her last Thursday night!) and Vetiver (because they were one of the best at EOTR).


Anonymous said...

What lovely sweaters! I especially like the duotone - very chic. And now that you mention it, a housecoat is a great idea; I end up wearing old, not-so-attractive hoodies. I'd try the herringbone, but I still don't know what I'm doing with crochet :)

meghanaf said...

Crochet is so unbelievably easy that if you ever get the urge you should go for it! My grandmother's neighbor in India taught me a couple of years ago which was one of the best bits of my trip over there!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fun story! Lucas and I are planning to go to India next winter (even though most of my family is in the States now); I've always wanted to visit. I'd love to hear about your trip!

I have dreams of learning to spin cotton (a la Gandhi) while we're there - hopefully I can talk hubby into indulging me :)