Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Staying cosy.


On one of my parents' visits to London, my mom got it in her head that we must visit the Tea Museum. Now not many people have heard of this particular institution, not even most Londoners. Let's say that at the time, it was an underwhelming experience. Luckily it looks like they are closed for refurbishment, which can only mean good things, right? Actually I am pretty interested in how certain objects or items can hold a whole lot of social history within them, and tea is no exception, so maybe a re-visit will be in order one day.

My mom however left the museum empty handed, even though I am pretty sure she was hoping to come away with a lovely teapot. So for Christmas this year, I decided to get her one - from a shop that sells English-made pots in Covent Garden. And what teapot worth it's Marks and Spencer Fairtrade Gold doesn't deserve to be cosy?


I used this Tea Mitten by Elisabeth Kleven from Ravelry and based mine on another raveler's version which incorporated the smocking. I am pretty pleased with the result - and hopefully mom will too. (Don't worry, I'm not giving any surprises away as she doesn't read the blog!)



Nalamienea said...

so gorgeous! Both the tea pot and the cozy - I love it all together. :)

rosemary said...

That cozy is ridiculously cute!!! We don't really have a teapot, but I'm seriously thinking about getting one... just so I can make this cozy. I bet your mom loved it and the teapot :)