Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Over the river and through the woods...

Okay, so more "across the pond" or even really, well, across the Atlantic Ocean for that matter. We're off to the western hemisphere tomorrow and I wanted to be prepared.


See, travelling to and from the US and the UK is a bit of a hassle for us because we have 3 passports and one visa between us. (The Australian carries Australian - duh - and British passports and I have American citizenship and a UK visa.) All this requires us to carry an ungodly amount of identification with us when we travel. Seeing as how immigration procedures make me nauseous, and I have a panic attack at least five times in any given journey thinking I have dropped or lost something, I decided this time I wanted all of our docs super-safe.


Of course, I didn't decide this until today (flight's tomorrow - gah!). So I felt the need to whip something up myself. Basing the design on this very cute tutorial, I improvised a bit and added an extra bit of security so that nothing can fall or slide out. I also made it so that it can accommodate "his and her" documents. One other modification I made was to add a few sheets of newspaper as a lining so that it's a bit sturdier.

So I think it came out ok for a last-minute project that took less than an hour. I might make some more of these in the future - I can see using quilting techniques - and hey, maybe even cutting in a straight line next time so it doesn't come out quite so wonky ;)


Nalamienea said...

such an excellent little project! I have a visa and a passport when I travel too and have been coveting different pouches too!

rosemary said...

Really good design - and so cute! I like your idea of adding newspaper for extra stability.