Friday, 27 November 2009

Really and Truly Literary Knitting.

An amazing thing happened last night - yarn and books came together in a way I couldn't have imagined being any better: a "Knitting Extravaganza" in an antique bookshop.

I heard about this over on the Stitch and Bitch London board on Ravelry - " a special yarn sale in an antiquarian Georgian bookshop opposite the British Museum." Um, yes!

So I made it over there on my way to my London Thanksgiving alternative: Japanese food with my cousin. On my way there,
I was thinking, "Oh this will take maybe 5 minutes or so...", not realising that I was about to step into this:

Jarndyce Yarn Sale

It was so lovely - hanks of gorgeous yarn, the gold from the Georgian books sparkling on the shelves, the soft bookshop lighting, the lovely people showing off the fibres - it was heaven! I could have bought loads (and believe me, I wanted to) but settled on one skein of Louet Gems Fine/Sport Weight - a yarn that's not readily available in most London yarn shops.


In fact, most of the yarns there weren't readily available in most shops, which is what made it so special. I got the impression that the event was run by the very nice ladies who do The Good Yarn Stall in Spitalfields Market on Sundays, but there was also a woman selling mostly Habu Textiles yarns and kits. And then there was the most amazing piles of chasmere, yak, and goodness knows what else.

I had to be basically dragged away by my very tolerant husband. Books, yarn and a knitting-friendly husband - all good things to be thankful for.


rosemary said...

Pretty yarn! Sounds like lots of fun :)

Anonymous said...

your projects are beautiful! it was so great meeting you. i'll definitely add yourblog to my google reader and i hope you'll keep in touch!
-kt b