Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mmmm... doughnuts...

I am up to a bit of a spring clean - about 7 or 8 months late, I know, but we are having people over for a little Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday (We are in England. Sadly no 2.5 days off from work.) and then a friend is coming all the way from Oz to stay for a while. It was time.

So, I am filing away stacks of unsorted mail, making stacks and stacks of books look tidy, scaring the dust bunnies out from under the sofa - and, of course, dealing with the untamed wave of wool, haberdashery and pages of knitting patterns that have engulfed the house.

This morning I decided that this major operation included everything down to the last, little pin. And so I made this:


Productive, no?

Anyway, I like it and it will make a nice little addition to my newly organised desk. (Not that I need justification or anything.)

It is: the Donut Pincushion by Nevadamama, made with scraps of yarn and stuffed with dried lentils and some other bits of unwanted yarn too.