Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A little vacation

Did I tell you guys I am on vacation in the US at the moment? The Australian and I are on a road trip - we started in Nashville, headed to Memphis, and are now in Natchez, Mississippi, where the picture above was taken. If you're into Americana, alt-country music, the blues, or food that is generally deep fried, then we've got something for you - our blog

Next we're in the bayous of Louisiana, tracking down gators and then off to New Orleans, and then Austin, Texas! There hasn't been a lot to report so far, yarn-wise, but I'm trying. It seems these laid back southerners don't like to open their yarn shops til noon, so I have missed out on a couple. But I will let you know if I find any gems!

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kristenmakes said...

SO jealous! There is nothing like an American roadtrip! have fun!